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to your body, to your blood memory, to your innate wisdom and expansive connection with the Mystery

 It is through the body that I experience the magic and sacredness of life; cultivate relationship, love & connection; behold beauty & pleasure; seek wisdom, growth & healing.  As I connect with my bodily sensations, I access personal & collective memory, burdens & blessings that ultimately offer healing & insight.  As I connect more deeply to my body, I feel more connected to the earth & the unseen.  The more I love my body, the more reverence I have for other bodies, the earth and the preciousness of all life.  

I work with people wanting to heal, feel pleasure and deepen their sense of connection with their bodies, other humans, the elemental realms and the Mystery through embodied practices, ritual and ancestral lineage healing.  I support others cultivating love for the body.

I hold space for the extraordinary.

I support humans to embrace the fullness of life and the inevitability of death.  

I offer private sessions in ancestral lineage healing, group ritual and immersive events combining embodied practice with ritual.  


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