5 week Ancestral Lineage Repair Course

Tending our Deepest Wounds

No matter how gnarly the family tree has become, everyone has wise & loving ancestors ready to offer deep connection and support. Relating directly with our lineages sheds light on the blessings and burdens we carry in our blood and helps heal deep, trans-generational wounds. Relating in this way can transmute the poisons we’ve learned to live with to medicine; it can illuminate our own sense of purpose and cultivate connection with spirit.

Co-facilitated by Jonathan Edwards and Julia Hartsell, this course is for anyone seeking to reconnect with their ancestors through direct, ritual-based practice. 


This 5 week ancestral intensive will provide space for direct connection with your blood ancestors as per the pragmatic lineage repair method developed by Dr Daniel Foor. The course will include 2 group calls (via Zoom) and 3 one-on-one private sessions (by phone, zoom/skype or in-person in NC Piedmont).

The one-on-one sessions are the heart of the course. They provide space for dropped-in connection with ancestors as well as for questions and support.  You’ll work with one practitioner (Jonathan or Julia) for most or all of your sessions depending upon your needs, focus and the group make-up.  

The group calls will focus on:

  • The foundations and assumptions of the work
  • Steps of the ancestral lineage repair method
  • Energetic protection and boundaries
  • Offerings & altar practice
  • Questions & dialogue within a supportive circle of fellow students

(Group call times to be determined by doodle poll to find times that work for registered folks.  Calls will be recorded for those unable to attend.)

Depending upon interest, we will make an online group discussion space available.

Cost:  $325 payable in 2 installments of $175 & 150

To register:  Send a deposit of $175 to

In recognition of the history of colonialism and racial injustice, we are extending several scholarships covering up to 50% of course costs to People Of Color and Native/Indigenous descent. Please inquire directly if you would like to apply for such a scholarship.

Size: limited to 8 participants

Dates: June 12 -August 19

FAQ’s & Background

Who do you mean by ancestors?

Generally, the ancestors are the collective dead of human history. More specifically, ancestors are the well, elevated, integrated rather than troubled dead. Working with these wise, well ancestors can uplift the troubled ones and support our own lives, transmuting burdens into blessings and strengthening what’s already good.

What’s the larger context of ancestral work? What are the potential benefits of engaging with ancestors?

It’s only relatively recently (last two millennia or so) that ancestral tending and reverence practices have been interrupted or forgotten, mainly among European-based people; many of our current cultural and societal ills can be traced to this alienation from our roots.

Running across traditions and cultures, ancestral work is a common denominator of earth-centered spirituality. Restoring the connection and tapping back in provides a foundation for cultural as well as personal healing.

Is any religious or spiritual background expected?

No particular set of beliefs or spiritual background is implied with this work. What’s important are an open mind and a sincere desire to connect with your ancestors. We recommend suspending any skepticism that may arise and judging the process by its results.


Jonathan Hadas Edwards, MS, LAc. is an acupuncturist, herbalist, and student of divination traditions including I Ching and West African Ifá (initiated in Nigeria in 2013). He has trained extensively in Classical Chinese Medicine and western herbalism and has studied Ayurveda on a Fulbright in Nepal. Grounded in abiding respect for the power of language to conjure worlds, his ‘wyrdwork’ calls on the mantic magic of the alphabet. His people hail from Northwestern Europe, the British Isles, Scandinavia, and the Eastern European Pale of Settlement; he lives on the Haw River in North Carolina’s eastern piedmont with partner and fellow practitioner, Julia Hartsell. See


I used to struggle a lot around food. It was always on my mind: when, what, how much. As much as I loved food and cooking, it seemed impossible to be in right relation; I’d end up in patterns of feast or famine, unable to find the sweet spot. This struggle undermined my confidence and became a limiting factor in my health; it took an inordinate amount of energy dealing with the bloating, unstable blood sugar and fatigue. Studying Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine provided helpful perspectives and tools. But the underlying pattern remained.

What finally shifted things decisively was working with my ancestors directly, in grounded, contained ritual space. It turned out that one of my lineages of grandfathers had a long-held story of scarcity, a story seeded by generations of trauma and uprooting. I saw my dysfunction around food in them, theirs in me. And in the weird, synchronistic way of these things, connecting and making food offerings to them opened and shifted something in me. They, the hungry ones, were nourished, but so was I.

It didn’t all happen at once, but that was the turning point, the point when the story of ‘not enough, never enough’ began losing its grip. There are still echoes of the old pattern these days, like fading footprints in the sand. Healing is ongoing, as relating and tending with the ancestors is ongoing.

Julia Hartsell is a dancer, catalyst for soulful, earth-honoring community, a pioneer in the modern Hoop Dance movement, and founder of The Flowjo, a movement sanctuary for dance, somatic, circus and healing arts in Carrboro, NC. With a long history in the South, her people are from the British Isles, Germany, and Cherokee Nation and she brings to movement arts and ancestral healing ritual a deep to commitment to social justice. Julia weaves an animist worldview, passion for ecstatic embodied expression, and reverence for threshold experiences with a celebration of the Earth and sacred feminine for the intent of individual, ancestral and collective healing. Julia is also a certified practitioner in ancestral lineage healing and focuses her work on tending to the wounds of the feminine.

The most impactful healing I’ve received from the ancestral healing work has been in the realm of sexual trauma, body shame and disconnection from life force.  For several years, during physical intimacy I experienced paralysis and dissociation, symptoms of trauma that alienated me from my body, pleasure and my then partner.  While to some degree personal, it became clear that the worst of the wounding was ancestral; the trauma of countless generations of women (and men) before me was calling out from my very blood for attention, release, healing.   

For 3 years, I worked with my blood lineages, learning their stories, performing rituals they suggested, making offerings, asking for the ancient ones to help heal the ones in need. Utilizing energetic protection, grounding, prayer and offerings, I’ve come to enjoy intimacy again and access greater pleasure than I knew was possible.