Ancestral Lineage Healing

Everyone has wise & loving ancestors who are directly accessible and offer deep connection, guidance and healing. Relating with our ancestors provides greater understanding of the intergenerational blessings and burdens we carry, illuminates a sense of purpose and cultivates connection with spirit.  Generally, the ancestors are the collective dead of human history.  More specifically, ancestors are the well, elevated rather than troubled dead.  Working with our wise, well ancestors can support the troubled dead, shift the  vibration of the lineage, transmute intergenerational trauma and brighten the energetic influence of our ancestors on our lives.

Private Sessions

Available by phone, skype or in-person at The Flowjo or in alignment with travels. Distance sessions are truly effective & connected.  Write JuliaNHartsell @ to book an appointment.

90 min initial session — $90-135

75 min followup session — $80-120


2 Month Online Ancestral Healing Course

Healing Hidden Wounds: special focus on food/scarcity issues & wounds to the feminine

Co-taught with Jonathan Edwards, June 12- Aug 21

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