Upcoming events 


Ongoing Events  

Ancestral Circles & Workshops

Monthly ancestral healing circle at The Flowjo in Carrboro.

Click here for more on ancestral healing circles, workshops and ancestral dances.

Ecstatic Dance at The Flowjo Carrboro

I regularly facilitate and weave music for dance on Sundays, 11am & Wednesdays 8pm, See Ecstatic Dance page for more details

Intermediate Hoop Dance at The Flowjo Carrboro 

Ongoing hooping class for those with some basic proficiency.

Thursdays at 5:30p.

$20 drop-in, $15 with pass-card.

Cacao Ceremony, The Flowjo Carrboro

Monthly ritual with live music to support connection with plant allies and our own heart.  Julia mixes a cacao brew and creates the container.


Past events

Technologies of the Sacred

Every human has allies in spirit and can relate directly with them through ritual. Cultivating relationship with elemental energies, ancestors, plant & animal spirits and other helpers can offer emotional support, understanding, healing and guidance in many facets of life. In this monthly circle, participants will learn foundational ritual skills for relating with the larger web of relationships including prayer, offerings and visioning with the spirits.  Topics include: connecting with allies, guides, teachers;
protection & energetic boundaries; offerings & altar work; prayer & invocation.

Women’s Pleasure Retreat, on the Haw River

During Beltane weekend, we’ll weave embodied practice, ancestral connection, elemental ritual to open ourselves to healing and pleasure.  With the support of somatic & ritual techniques and helpful ancestral & elemental guides, we’ll seek to reconnect to our bodies, sensual pleasure, the earth and to life force energy.  Together, we’ll seek antidotes for the personal, familial and cultural inheritance of shame, repression and body/earth-disconnect.

Women’s Hoop & Embodiment Retreat 

With hooping as our base practice, we’ll weave somatic inquiry, dance, ritual & visioning to find expanded states of consciousness, stillness, inspiration and purpose amidst these challenging times.  With the support of somatic & movement techniques and elemental guides, we’ll seek to connect to our bodies, voices, expressions, the earth and our deepest passions.

Julia Hartsell & other guest instructors.  $325.  Participants must provide their own meals & lodging.  Some camping possible here along the river.  (Optional welcome event Thursday night at The Flowjo)

Preparations & meditations for crossing the threshold

As the season shifts, we’ll gather to meditate on death, the ultimate transition and our mini-deaths along the way. With the support of somatic practice, ancestral connection, visioning practice & elemental ritual, we’ll focus on the threshold, prepare for our own passing and feel into how we can embrace life while blessed here.

Death Meditation

Meditating on death can bring inspiration to life.  Together, we’ll journey to our death beds to imagine how we’d most like to cross, see what’s left undone and potentially receive wisdom for how to live.  Most have left this meditation inspired, touched and peaceful.  Next online & in-person date TBA.

Death Preparations

In these weeks together, we’ll begin some of the necessary work of preparing for death through meditation, visioning, dialogue and addressing practical matters.  Diving into the practical and emotional realms of this inevitable transition, we can begin to shift the cultural inheritance of death-phobia and begin to envision more beautiful crossings. With the support of community, we’ll be in the process, wherever we are in our life cycles, to prepare for this sacred event.  Befriending death may transform the way you live.

This is an opportunity to explore and communicate what you ultimately want for the end of your life in a non-denominational, non-judgmental space.  A printed booklet of documents will be provided.  Next online & in-person date TBA.