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is still on pause… please check in about other retreat events in 2017

Hoop Convergence History

In 2008, Julia Hartsell initiated Hoop Convergence, the first Hoop Dance Conference on Earth.   With a desire to connect with others passionate about Hoop Dance and to create a space for continuing education for aspiring professionals, Julia took a scary leap of faith, picked a date, found a venue and started opening to teachers from around the continent.  Hoop Convergence evolved to be more magical than she ever imagined in those first impulses.  The sense of community, creative expansion, transformative power and experience of love found at this event only deepened over the years.   For 8 years, Hoop Convergence brought together over a hundred budding hoop dancers and seasoned professionals to create a sacred space, for community-building, collaboration, sharing, connection, inspiration and intentions for a greater world through our shared love of this spiraling gateway.

Hoop Convergence strives to bring the absolute best in hoop dance workshops, forums and performances.  As Julia’s practice has expanded beyond the hoop, so has Hoop Convergence.  This 5 day Retreat, held at Chestnut Ridge Retreat Center outside Carrboro NC, also offers workshops in yoga, Acro Yoga, Dance, Aerial Dance, Cyr Wheel, Poi, Staff, Flow Wand.  Each year, the event evolved to reflect Julia’s personal interests and evolution.  In the latter years, she brought in more Spirit focused workshops including Ecstatic Dance, Cacao Ceremony and Labyrinth Meditation.  Every year, Hoop Convergence aspires to bring together a phenomenal team to create a mind-blowing, heart-opening portal for creative expansion.

10383493_10203989556848731_4244057896265738345_nHonoring the unbelievable global talent that visits Carrboro for this event, Julia organized public showcases to share this with the local community.  For 3 of the past 4 years, Hoop Convergence hosted a public Performance Showcase in downtown Carrboro.  A hoop dance & flow showcase of this scale and sophistication is rarely found on the Globe.

After 8 beautiful gatherings, in an effort to stay passionate and create space for new possibilities, Julia has opted to take a break for 2016 and fully immerse in the restful dreamtime of winter and trainings.

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“Oh Hoop Convergence. You have brought so much beauty, play, friendship, connection, laughter, lightness, and hundreds of other beautiful things to my life. Attending this event has helped me grow leaps and bounds more than I ever would have without it. I am having trouble finding all of the right words to explain how grateful I am to have been a part of 4 out of the 8 years of magical gatherings.. All I can say is a million times thank you to Julia Hartsell, Scott Crews, and everyone else who helped to make these 8 years a reality. I am so looking forward to what you might create next, and I hope that I will be able to be of service in making that a reality.

I keep finding myself getting all teary-eyed thinking about how beautiful you all are.. My heart is so full of community spirit. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.”

~Maggie Walker

“Just wanted to state the obvious here that HOOP CON was a f*ing blast and I am so grateful to have been there to experience it.

I’ve been going pretty regularly (with the exception of two, i think) since 2009, and can say that i’ve not only watched it evolve, but also been able to watch the hoop community evolve using it as a reference. Where earlier years carried a magical and exciting intensity, this one was equally magical but more like warm a family reunion. Special thanks to Julia Hartsell for EIGHT YEARS of hoop con. You’ve been the source of so much to so many and an inspiration in the most important sense of the word.”

~Brecken Rivara

“Hoop Convergence was so SO beautiful, again. This event continues to be my favorite event year after year. I’ve been to all 8 years in a row! There is nothing else in my world that I have done every year for 8 years, so that should be pretty telling about how special this event is. There is a high vibration in that corner of North Carolina and the people who inhabit that area. I have made some of my best friends in the world at this event. I missed a lot of you this year and shed a tear for you at circle.Thanks to Julia Hartsell for giving a small town hooper a chance back in the day and inviting me to teach at the first event. I believe this kindness helped to guide me into the place I am today. And thank you for continuing to throw the event 8 years in a row, with all of the challenges and uncertainties that comes with the territory.  Best family reunion ever. I love you all!”

~Marria Grace