We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars… the stars form a circle, and in the center we dance. ~ Rumi

Hoop Dance

My primary practice over the past 15 years has been hoop dance.  Returning to the practice year after year, even with changes in frequency, has taught me tremendous amounts about myself, well beyond the art of hooping.  Whether we master specific techniques or not, returning to a practice offers a mirror into ourselves; reveals recurring thoughts & embodied patterns; illuminates our avoidances & inclinations.

Hoop dance offers unique medicines.  Dancing in a clearly articulated personal space provided by this circle offers many dancers, especially women, a sense of safety to explore sensual movement, a way to open the chakras and find deep pleasure for its own sake.  Maintaining a steady point of contact offers a meditative focus that clears the mind of clutter, offering relief from the ongoing chatter.   Combined with the rhythmic quality of the hoop and/or body spinning, the state of consciousness accessible in this practice is wildly expansive.  The meditative state may offer a glimpse at deeper thought patterns and core beliefs;  open a portal for muses, creative inspiration and guidance;  or simply gift a chance to be present, explore rhythm and play.   The practice can be athletic & acrobatic, light & playful, soft & receptive or wildly blissful.  Matching the universal spin, I’ve had such expansively connected experiences that I’ve sensed a glimpse of the post-death return that primary movement of the universe and felt great peace.

My style of teaching is based in technique while staying tuned to the meta-practice- leaning into metaphors of life, transformation, patterns & relationship.  I deeply enjoy holding space for the embodied exploration and expression of others.  I have taught Hoop Dance to complete beginners and professional performers, bodies of all ages and abilities at events & conferences around the US, Canada, Costa Rica & Bali.