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Without music, life would be unfair

I adore, appreciate and honor music and all its magical, healing, connecting, expansivecapacities. Deep bow to all the musicians for continuing to move us!

I make playlists. A. Lot. Of. Playlists. For Ecstatic Dance, Instatic Dance, Hoop Workshops & Jams, Women’s Events, Partner Fusion Dances, Kids Classes…

Here’s a few for your enjoyment!

Ecstatic Dance: Hypnosis Released ~ 2/22/2-15

Ecstatic Dance: Bittersweet Faith ~ 5/27/2015

Womens’ Dance: Red Tent ~ 4/23/15

Women’s Dance: Puja 11/12/15

Ecstatic Dance: Blue Moon / Paternal Return 8/2/15