My unique and authentic expression seems to shine in intentional, sacred space.  When I began hooping, performances terrified me.  Once I found my unique way, I received feedback that people the dance was impactful, a way to transmit more than movement.  Humbled to this phenomenon that was beyond my imagination, understanding or control, I persisted with stages and sharing my dance despite my fears.  As I’ve prioritized sharing feeling through my performances, I’ve found a greater purpose in this practice and techniques for filtering out what I wouldn’t choose to transmit.

I offer each performance up to the unseen, or Spirit, to healing, to something bigger than me with intentions to transmit deep feeling, vicarious bliss and emotional connection.  I’ve danced for bliss, celebration, personal & collective healing, eros and grief.  I have danced at weddings, funerals and other blessing-ways.

Since 2002, I’ve been sharing my practice publicly.  I’ve performed in many contexts, some that weren’t as supportive to the depth of my relationship with this practice, others that deepened the relationship and allowed me greater access to a mystical, expansive energy.  I think my style shines in Soulful contexts:  meaningful productions, ceremonies, rituals and places where I can inspire the imagination.  I also love performing for children.

I mostly perform with hoops.   I also dance with fire and perform partner acrobatics.


FlowJo_Light_Pours_In-19julia spin