we enter ritual to respond to the call of the soul ~ Malidoma Some

Ritual Dances combine improvisational movement, music and ritual technologies with a shared purpose. Dance is an ancient cross-cultural way of processing life’s joys, sorrows and passages. Embodied, communal ritual gives greater access to emotions and allows the experience of them to be more cathartic and transformative.  Supported by conscious relationship with the unseen, nature spirits, plant spirits, elemental forces, ancestors or deities, these rituals can be a way to bridge the worlds and come into deeper communion with a greater web of relations. With a strong container and shared intention, participants can dive deeper into an embodied, communal process in service of personal or transpersonal healing.

After decades of experiencing deeply profound, transmutative & transpersonal experiences on the dance floor, I was called to work in this way more explicitly for my own healing, guidance and for support with difficult emotions and transitions.  The deep healing received  inspired me to offer the space for others.  Rituals dances include ceremonies for grief & rage, rites of passage work, communion with medicinal plants. tending rivers and waterways and ancestral healing,

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