“Ever so grateful for you.  The light you bring. The woman shaman you have become who’s words like healing dew reverberate through my being. Following your true path has brought medicine to the people. Thanks for what you have brought Julia. Even though I am not there I feel you doing your great work.  I feel your healing salve moving through the crowd. Radiating.”

Jessikah Krause
“Julia Hartsell is a consummate facilitator with a wide range of movement experience and a gift for radical inclusiveness.  One of the original founders of modern hoopdance, she possesses a rare combination of curiosity, meditative focus, playfulness, physical grace, and feminine leadership.  She is a pillar of our community and brings light, dance, and wisdom with her wherever she goes.”Ann Humphries
a charismatic performer with a rare gift for catalyzing community.”Jennifer Zin O'Brien
Julia – Your hoop session was a religious moment for me. The ease, the femininity, the strength, and the discipline was astounding. You are wind itself. A sweet summer wind.Samantha Corey
As a teacher, Julia is both inspiring and approachable.  During my classes with Julia I never felt instructed, but helped.  Despite her tremendous skill and fluency with her hoops, she always made it clear to us that she was also on a learning journey.  Her willingness to learn and share was a great model for us, and she took a lot of joy in our progress.  Julia is really good at being able to give you both the feedback and the space to figure something out, and to be there to give you the next step when you’re ready for it.”Margaret Krome-Lukens
I would say you embody devotion to teaching and introducing others to liberation through movement, and giving the community a platform through which to discover joy in movement. You have an enduring love for dance that you gently put before your dancing group. You give us all a safe space in which to learn, to watch, and to express ourselves.”Mary Jane Gore
I trust the divine spark in you, that you know what will be best for the space and what will help community.  . . The Flowjo dance space has been essential in my healing and integration.  My spirituality is now grounded within my body.  It has been an amazing journey to be on together.” Crystal Mays