“The concept of flow has been found useful by psychologists who study happiness, life satisfaction, and intrinsic motivation;  by sociologists who see in it the opposite of anomie and alienation; by anthropologists who are interested in the phenomena of collective effervescence and rituals.  Some have extended the implications of flow to attempts to understand the evolution of mankind, others to illuminate religious experience. ”

~Mihaly Csikszenthmihalyi

The Flowjo is a space for flow.  Like a Dojo, it is a place for practice.   We offer classes, performances and community events that help people live fully into the ever-unfolding, embodied present.  Julia’s Carrboro studio opened in March of 2011 and continues to evolve and catalyze community.

The Flowjo hosts classes in hoop dance, aerial arts, dance, acrobatics, as well as other circus productions & ritual theater.   We believe that finding deeper expression through dance, play, music and flow can increase contentment, expand possibility and nurture community.  As each of us finds our truest bliss, a sense of connection, our soul’s purpose, that spark that makes our heart sing, our world becomes a more beautiful place for all.  The Flowjo also hosts Ecstatic Dance, somatic explorations, community building events, earth rituals, talking circles, death & dying preparations and Soul-crafting work.

At The Flowjo we seek to provide safe space for students to expand their realms of possibility.  In our studio, individuals of all ages are encouraged to try things that may at first seem inaccessible, even impossible.  As each individual transcends their own limits – dancing in a hoop, in community, in the air, inverted or with fire; moving without inhibition; performing- he or she also finds the confidence to approach challenges in life.   As challenges are approached with guidance, encouragement, and acceptance, strength and confidence are cultivated.  As we find our flow, we often learn to trust the flow of life.

For me, finding flow allows me to surrender to the moment and discover my body’s wisdom, as well as its access to Universal consciousness.  All things feel in alignment.  The flow state often leads me to feeling more content, joyful, relieved and empowered.  These practices have taught me that we can manifest what may have seemed impossible.

For more about The Flowjo and our current schedule of events, visit The Flowjo’s website.