Witchy Wisdom Circles

Beginning in April 2018

Over the course of a season, we’ll gather for 3 monthly circles to deepen into sisterhood, relate with plant allies and elemental forces, listen to and move deeper into our bodies and tend to healing the personal and collective feminine.  

We’ll engage with plants that support the nervous system, strengthen boundaries and voice, enhance visioning and support the healing of deep, feminine wounds.  We’ll engage with archetypes relevant to our personal cycles and support one another in our rites of passages.  

$111 for all 3 circles, financial flexibility and trades available on a case-by-case basis

Circle dates and times to be determined by doodle poll once interest is confirmed

Girls’ Rites of Passage Camps

Tweens, June 18 – 22, 10-4

Teens, July 9 – 13, 1-5p

A week-long Rites of Passage camp for teens & tweens.  These camps are for female-identifying folks to create a supportive circle around bodily and psychological shifts happening at these ages.  The curriculum will weave embodied practices, dance, moon cycle learning, earth-honoring practices, ritual, self-care and voice expression within a circle of other girls and women to promote the empowerment and safety of the females in our community.  We intend to create space to cultivate deep respect for our precious bodies while honing skills to listen to them closely and the confidence to express what arises from them.

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